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Welcome to WarPigw2.com. This site''s goal is to provide knowledge and information for a secure computing environment for users of any operating systems. To accomplish this goal we provide news and articles, as well as discussions.

We are also dedicated to helping the new user of the Xoops CMS to get installed, up and running through our use of Flash Tutorials, semi open forum as well as articles.

Do you have computer, networking, security, general technology, or XOOPS related questions? Just join the Discussion Board and ask.

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John Seymour (WarPig)

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John Seymour on 2006/12/1 13:00:00 (5601)

I am currently working on a series of flash tutorials for the Gentoo Linux operating system minimal install CD network (internet) install.

This series is broken down by section and is quite long. By no means should these tutorials replace the install docs on the Gentoo Website, but to supplement them for visual guide of the methods.

This is an ongoing effort, and it will still take me some time to complete the series.You can view the tutorials Here.

John Seymour on 2005/1/19 1:51:06 (15618)

Click to see original Image in a new windowAs I found out recently, migrating a Xoops website from one server to another can be a daunting task to a new user.

But after doing it once, I now feel that if I need to make the move again, I can do it faster, easier and more efficiently than before. I would like to thank all the Xoops users that posted their ti

John Seymour on 2004/11/12 14:04:05 (6963)

Click to see original Image in a new window
As it is good practice to protect sensitive data, and encryption is a good way of securing that data, there are steps that should be taken to safeguard the loss of data through the security that protects them.

Whether it is business or personal data, some are too sensitive to allow others to view. It might

John Seymour on 2005/6/3 23:38:29 (16710)

Click to see original Image in a new windowThe most important item to backup with any CMS with dynamic content is the database. Almost all data for these sites are stored in the tables within the database. Because of this it is good practice to backup the database reliably and often.

I have recently chosen to do a complete database backup everyday. Depend

John Seymour on 2005/6/10 11:22:17 (16829)

Click to see original Image in a new windowIn the previous segment of this series of articles we discussed the backing up of the MySQL database with mysqldump and cron. I have since (through testing the restore process) revised the script slightly in that article. Please re read the article and add the change to your script.

Now we will discuss the restor

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